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My name is Derek Siu and my dad abandoned me when I was 2 years old, oh too much information sorry…

Rewind The Tape.

Let's Start Again.


During my childhood I was very addicted to computer games specifically League of Legends. To combat this addiction I decided to take up a sport, so I picked up tennis at the age of 15 and I've been playing ever since! Match anyone?

Kered Animation

In 2014 I created and independently ran my own YouTube channel “Kered” which contains over 50+ flash animations based on my life experiences at the time. This channel really enabled me to express myself at the time and was the beginning of me jumping into the field of graphic design.

Relatabored Podcast

I have always wanted to start a podcast as I am very curious as what people think, why they think like that and how that shapes their behaviour. In 2020 with the help of a former colleague we created and independently ran a podcast series talking about relatable life topics featuring guests from all walks of life. As of November 2020 due to time constraints this project has been put on hold.

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Although I secretly low key hate going to the gym, there is no better feeling than dragging yourself through a workout. The gym not only keeps me fit, but it also allows me to process my thoughts and ideas + it gives me an excuse to eat more food (I love food btw)  ^_^

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Derek Siu UI/UIX Designer and WEbflow Developer Working

My Favourite TV Shows, Movies & Youtubers

Lego Movie / Whiplash / La La Land / Cruella / Deadpool / Snow Piercer / Mitchells and the Machine / Office Space / Rick and Morty / Community / South Park  / Black Mirror / Mr Robot /  The Community Channel / Cyanide and Happiness / Rudy Mancuso / Kered Animation

People & Topics I Find Very Interesting

Stephen Hanna / Rami Kabar / Linus Yam / Owen Cook / Tim Ricks / Chris Do / Natalie Tran / Tai Lopez / Steve Cutt / Philosophy / Evolution Psychology / Social Dynamics  / Self - Improvement / The Bible (book of Ecclesiastes) / Comedy / Design / Animation / Movies / Starcraft 2 / Web Design / Web Development

My Full

Work History



Sydney, Australia

2014 - 2020

Youtuber - Animation

Kered Animations

2017 - 2018


UTS Bachelor of Media Arts & Production + Social Media


Content Creator + Social Media

Sanity Entertainment



Relatabored Podcast

2019 - 2022

Program Coordinator

UTS Esports

2019 - 2022

UI/UX Designer & Front End

New Motion Studio

May - July 2021


Intro to Web Design & Development

Aug 2021 - 2022

Toastmasters International

Public Speaking Student & Member

Aug 2021 - Present


UI / UX Web Designer & Webflow Developer

Derek Siu UTS Esports Public speaking