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Text Outline Effect - Derek Siu Headshot smiling

Taught by:

Derek Siu

In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to add a text outline or stoke effect in Webflow. Please note, while this tutorial still works, Webflow recently introduced a native way of doing text stroke please see this article. Otherwise if you want to follow this tutorial this is achieved through custom code (see below):

.outline { -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent; -webkit-background-clip: text; -webkit-text-stroke: 0.8px #EF472B; }
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Webflow Text Outline / Stroke Effect

In Webflow, a text outline effect is a visual effect that adds a stroke or border to the outside of text, giving it a more prominent and defined look. This effect can be applied to any text element in a Webflow project and can be customized to fit the desired style, including the thickness and color of the outline. The text outline effect can be a useful design element to create emphasis, contrast, or to make text stand out against a background. It can also be used to create unique typography styles that enhance the visual appeal of a website.

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